Shahin Askari

Shahin Askari has lead in the design and development of two SOA based distributed applications deployed to Fortune 500 companies today. He was the 2nd hired employee, and has shown excellent project management skills as well as a commitment to deadlines while delivering feature full, robust applications founded on simple, yet elegant designs. He has extensive knowledge of many standards in the SOA space as well as extensive usage of various SOA tooling and libraries, including Castor JDO/XML, Axis, Apache commons/Jakarta projects, a variety of SOAP toolkits including BEA WebLogic/Workshop, Microsoft .Net, Perl SOAP::Lite as well as database technologies including Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL.

Led full life-cycle of company's three main products, including Perl Application Server, Web Services Studio, Web Services Management and Infrastructure.

Researched, designed and developed Web Services Management and Networking Enterprise Suite using SOA.

Implemented WS-Security, WS-Routing and SSL support for networking components.

Implemented JDO for Data-Binding requirements.

Designed and Implemented web services security and permission layer.

Developed Web Services-based build process and test suite using ANT/Axis/Workshop/TCL and SOAP::Lite.

Implemented Java packaging and distribution system.

Developed NT Services using C++ for company products.

Provided training and support for company SE's deployed to New York, San Francisco, Virginia and UK.

Managed development team to design fast, simple and easy to maintain code, enabling performance, flexibility and a foundation for future features.

Used industry standard tools and techniques to meet demands of Fortune 500 clients, including Unix, Java (J2EE, EJB, JDO), Perl, Ant, Axis, XML and messaging technologies.

Created an Open-Source project with Java SWING for HTTP/Web Services load testing.


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With over 20 developer years around SOA, questions on Quality of Service, Identity Management, Security, Enterprise Service Buses, Web Service Brokers and Management can be answered from solid experience, rather than from best guesses and vendor-driven hype.