Mahesh Sooriarachchi

Mahesh Sooriarachchi has over 12 years of experience in software development, having developed a wide variety of applications for the consumer, scientific and enterprise markets. As part of Blue Titan, Mahesh led the development of the Network Director GUI Client. The client uses a set of core Web Services to retrieve and define policy parameters for the Fabric. XML configuration files enable a high level of flexibility and extensibility, allowing developers, VARs, and customers to change the "look and feel" of each dialog box, add new panels, even call new Web Services. Thanks to the SOA-oriented approach, customers, such as Pfizer and Overture, are able to add new entity types and meta-data to the client with minimal effort, essentially adding a few Web Services to the Fabric, and creating some XML files. Technologies used include: Thinlet, TinyLine SVG, kSoap, kXML, Oracle, Web Logic, Jetty, Postgresql, Java (J2EE, SWING, JSP, JDO), Apache, UML, Rational Rose, Mozilla Gecho, and C++.


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With over 20 developer years around SOA, questions on Quality of Service, Identity Management, Security, Enterprise Service Buses, Web Service Brokers and Management can be answered from solid experience, rather than from best guesses and vendor-driven hype.