Jaime Ryan

Jaime Ryan has led the development of the core set of Web Services that are used to configure and manage the Fabric. These services are used for statistics, reporting, security, network management, and client-server commands. Jaime designed and created new network entities and client features and documented/supported creation of new entities for field personnel. Part of Jaime's development responsibilities were to ensure that Network Director Web Services met WS-Security, WS-Routing, and WS-Addressing standards, as well as WS-Interop recommendations, and were callable from BEA Workshop, Microsoft .Net, and SOAP::Lite. Network Director Services were built on industry standard development technologies: Java, JDO, XML Schema, SQL, Axis, Thinlet, and Ant.

During the development of Blue Titan Studio, a Web Services Integration Suite, Jaime built adapters for various databases (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, MSSQL), file formats, messaging systems (TIBCO, Talarian, MQSeries), and Web Services standards. He aided in the design and creation of the Studio client using a service-oriented client-server system. The Studio client was built rapidly using rapid prototyping languages: Perl, HTML, Javascript, etc.


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With over 20 developer years around SOA, questions on Quality of Service, Identity Management, Security, Enterprise Service Buses, Web Service Brokers and Management can be answered from solid experience, rather than from best guesses and vendor-driven hype.