Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams has nearly 10 years proficiency in Computer Internetworking, Software Design, SDLC, hardware and Software Quality. His expertise includes planning and researching industry trends to drive business unit objectives. Curtis utilized RPC and DOC style web services to integrate disparate systems into Service Oriented Architectures. Recent duties included Ant XML based code generation tool, using JDK 1.3/1.4, J2EE v.1.3.1 application containers and toolkits for Java based client/server applications. BEA WebLogic Server 8.1, Jetty and Resin application servers were utilized to deploy solutions in a heterogeneous footprint. BEA Workshop, Microsoft .Net, and Mindreef Soapscope were utilized to develop custom client calls and web service wrappers to AXIS servers. He has up-to-date experience with WS-Addressing, WS-Routing, WS-Interoperability, and WS-Security. Curtis also has extensive skills with Project automation using LabView(C, C++), Java, TCL and Perl toolkits. In addition to direct web services experience, Curtis also has experience with web based access control and authentication via RADIUS, Database, Hashfile, LDAP, JMS and JAAS.

As part of his development work at Blue Titan, Curtis wrote custom SQL scripts and created ad-hoc DB queries for Oracle (8i, 9i,10g), MySQL, and many other commercial and open source databases.

Prior to working for Blue Titan, Curtis spent 5+ years with Routing, Bridging and Switching WAN/LAN devices and architectures. He is also an expert Unix/Linux system administrator and has used such tools as Perl, SOAP::Lite, and jUnit to automate Network Director's build and testing process.


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With over 20 developer years around SOA, questions on Quality of Service, Identity Management, Security, Enterprise Service Buses, Web Service Brokers and Management can be answered from solid experience, rather than from best guesses and vendor-driven hype.