Amine Nabi

Amine role was to improve and refactor the router code-base, enabling local policy execution, such as XML transformations, and security.

Designed and implemented asynchronous routing in infrastructure networking nodes.

Enabled persisted queuing of message across Fabric using open source JMS compliant queue (ActiveMQ).

Designed and implemented caching, pluggable parsers chaining, and pluggable authentication using JAAS.

Implemented unit testing using C# Microsoft .Net for invoking the Network Director Web services.

Used: Java, C#, Ant, Axis, Jetty, JAAS, SOAP, JDBC, XML, JMS, ActiveMQ, ASP.Net XML Web Services, JBuilderX, Microsoft.Net visual studio 2003, SoapScope, RegEx Coach, Commons project, NUnit, CVS, UNIX & Windows XP.


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