Alex Shah

Designed and implemented Web Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Blue Titan's Network Director, Data Director, and Studio products. The architecture implements WS-Policy, WS-Security, and WS-Routing standards and a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, low-overhead routing approach to enable access control, authentication, monitoring, logging, notifications, load-balancing, fail-over, service level agreements, and performance-metrics for WSDL SOAP Web Services.

Took "hands-on" approach in porting Network Director from 200,000 line, pattern-oriented Java application to a 30,000 line, service-oriented Java application, leveraging open-source toolkits (Castor, JDO, LDAP, Thinlet, JFreeChart, Apache Axis, Xerces, Jakarta Commons), and adopting Web Services.

Reduced headcount in half and increased productivity of staff by centering R&D in one location and providing an environment where innovation, creativity, and reducing coding time is rewarded. Met deadlines and kept R&D under budget.

Answered RFPs; provided support for POCs; participated as a speaker and submitted white papers at industry conferences and workshops.

Built an SOA using Java, XML, C++, Perl, TCL/TK to create award winning VelociGenX product, a platform for developing Web Services on top of existing data and applications (ORACLE, DB2, MSSQL, SYBASE, LDAP, MySQL, Postgres, flat file, MQSeries, TIBCO, in-house Java, C++) without custom coding. The software included a "visio-like" service flow creation environment and XPATH transformation engine to wrap, link, and run legacy applications, exposing their interfaces as WSDL with SOAP over HTTP bindings.

Formed strategic alliances with Sun Microsystems, Netscape Communications, Zeus Technology, C2Net, PSINet, Earthlink and others to increase distribution and usage of VelociGen technology.

Recruited, trained, and managed development and support teams, growing from 1 to 30 employees.

Wrote Binary Evolution's flagship product VelociGen (C++, Threads, Sockets). VelociGen is a high performance application server which allows developers to rapidly create web applications for processing dynamic content from SQL databases, forms, XML, etc. using a mix of high-level XML, XSL and scripting (Perl, TCL). Ported VelociGen to UNIX, Windows, Netscape NSAPI, Microsoft ISAPI, Apache API, and FastCGI.


TeamSOA brings lessons learned with distributed, high availability services to client's IT architecture:

  Alex Shah

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  Curtis Williams

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With over 20 developer years around SOA, questions on Quality of Service, Identity Management, Security, Enterprise Service Buses, Web Service Brokers and Management can be answered from solid experience, rather than from best guesses and vendor-driven hype.